Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding at The Barkley Pet Hotel & Spa

Kitty City Suites

Our feline guests stay in our custom designed, multi-level “Kitty-condos.” Each cat condo is secure, cozy and spacious, with views of an enormous tropical fish tank and flat-screen television entertainment. Kitty City is the perfect place for unlimited bird and people- watching and especially conducive for a tranquil catnap! Each “condo” features multiple levels for comfort, bedding, a private litter box and a separate air purification system to ensure that each cat’s environment remains virtually viral-free. Multiple windows provide natural lighting to enhance the level of comfort for our cat guests.


Rates are based on room type and Rack vs. Peak/Holiday periods. See Our Current Rates Here.

Multiple Feline Family Members

Additional living space is available for those who would like their family’s pets (of the same species) to stay together. Specific room requests are honored on a space available basis and cannot be guaranteed. Room design and furnishings may vary.