Guest Services

The Barkley Pet Hotel & Spa

We offer a wide variety of activities and amenities for your pet while on vacation

Doggie Day Camp
The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa provides discounted Doggie Day Camp days for its overnight guests. Day Camp is a “cage-free” environment, designed for dogs that are social with other dogs. Separate areas cater to small and large dogs. All campers must pass an Evaluation Day prior to check-in. Click here to learn more about Day Camp.

Play Package
Daily play package includes: 5 potty walks, 2 personal playtimes and a chewbone toy rental. Great for puppies and active pets, or any pet who craves attention!

Personal & Family Playtime/Cuddletime
20 minute one-on-one pet play and attention with an Animal Care Associate in a private play yard. Family playtime accommodates up to 3 dogs staying in same suite.

Additional Potty/Exercise Break
Our staff ensures that pet guests receive 3 potty/exercise breaks per day. Additional potty/exercise breaks are available to suit individual needs.

Gourmet Bedtime Biscuit
Our bedtime biscuits are simply mouth-watering and will be waiting on your pet’s pillow before retiring for the night.

Busy Bone
Dogs love these frozen peanut butter filled Kong treats to keep them entertained for hours.

Chew Bone Toy Rental
The ultimate for chewers! A strong, nylabone-type toy to keep dogs busy and entertained.

Comfort Toy
A new, stuffed comfort toy for your dog to enjoy throughout his/her stay.

Ice Cream Social
Order a delicious and refreshing frozen treat — perfect for the summertime!

Tummy Rub, Bedtime Story, and Tuck-in
A personal tuck-in and tummy rub for your pet while listening to a bedtime tale, includes a nighttime biscuit.

Pool Time at Barkley Beach
A 30-minute dip at the hotel’s outdoor pool with your pet’s own personal lifeguard. Includes a life-jacket fitting and a towel dry. Pool times are perfect for exercise, fun and games as well as introducing your dog to water safety. The beach-entry, ozone water is heated to keep the pet comfortable. Inclement Weather Policy: Barkley Beach and pool time activities may close or have limited hours due to cold weather and other weather conditions from October through April.

Pee Pee Pads
Guest suites can be supplied with a fresh pee pee pad for those who prefer to potty inside.

Hair & Coat Brushing
We recommend a daily brushing for all our pet guests, especially dogs who play in Day Camp during their stay and longhaired pups. Daily brushing keeps your pet looking it’s best while on vacation.

Salon & Spa Visit
No resort stay is complete without a special visit to the grooming salon and spa. We highly recommend an exit spa bath prior to departure.

Tranquil Kitty Package
The ultimate fun, relaxation and catnapping! Tranquil Kitty Package includes scratching post and a mouse toy.

Kitty Cuddle
20 minute one-on-one pet play and attention with an Animal Care Associate in the secured Kitty City play area.