Day Camp



Doggie Day Camp is a cage-free activity designed for social dogs to play and have fun. Day Camp provides an outlet for excess energy, exercise and socialization. Trained staff monitors safe play and each dog must complete a Day Camp Evaluation before being accepted into camp. Dogs may be viewed by owners on the Day Camp Webcams located in both small and large dog areas.

The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa offers both large & small Doggie Day Camp. Safety is our primary goal, therefore, Day Camp is not for every dog and it is not a place for aggressive dogs to learn how to be social. Doggie Day Camp is limited in size and clients are strongly encouraged to make reservations in advance to avoid disappointment. Priority goes to clients with standing reservations.

To avoid food fights, we do not feed during Day Camp.


Monday – Saturday — 7am – 7pm
Sunday — 8 am – 4 pm

Dogs not picked up by closing time will be considered overnight guests and charged the standard boarding rate for that evening.


Day Camp fees are based on a single day or pre-paid package plans.

  • Evaluation Day: $35 (stay all day after passing)
  • Weekday Pass: $43
  • Weekend Pass: $33 (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Day Camp while Boarding: $24
  • Half-Day Day Camp: $29

We regret that for insurance/safety precautions, we cannot admit the following breeds into Camp: Pit Bulls, Bull Mastiffs, Cane Corsos, Presa Canerios, American Staffordshire Terriers. In addition, while not restricted, certain breeds (prey drive, herding, etc.) typically do not do well in the Day Camp setting such as: English Mastiffs, Akitas, Chow Chows, Bull Terriers, Boerboel, Shar-Peis and German Shepherds. The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa reserves the right to evaluate mix breeds of any of the fore mentioned breeds on a case-by-case basis. Every dog admitted into our camp area requires a behavior and temperament evaluation on his/her first day of camp. The safety and comfort of every dog entering our camp area is our top priority and we reserve the right to restrict admittance into day camp at any time.

Pre-Paid Day Camp Packages

Packages have no expiration and all sales are final. Unused portion of packages (after deducting the used services at regular standard rates) shall be transferable for use on other services at the pet hotel but in no instance shall they be refundable. Packages may not be sold or transferred to any pet outside Owner’s direct ownership.

  • 10-Day Package: $370 ($37.00/day – no expiration)
  • 20-Day Package: $700 ($35.00/day – no expiration)

Day Stay

A Day Stay is designed for dogs or cats requiring on-site care during lobby hours. Unlike Day Camp, Day Stay guests do not interact with other pets during the day – making it a great alternative for dogs who are shy or may not get along with others. Day Stays are $40 and are not overnight.

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