Easy tips for brushing your Dog

Ok, so you’ve got a hairy pet, and he/she is adorable!  But beauty comes at a price (doesn’t it always?), so let’s talk about how to keep your hairy beast as cute as can be, while making sure that we’re doing our part to keep them comfortable in between grooming visits.

Dogs come in all sizes and (relative) shapes, but the type of coat that they have will determine how to groom them correctly.  Most furry buddies need our help to maintain a healthy coat.  If they seem to fuss when you brush them, it may mean that either they’re not used to it, or we’ve waited too long and are possibly tugging on knots (matted hair).

Regardless of whether you have a Smooth, Short, Nordic, Long, Curly, Wiry, or Drop Coated breed (to name a few), they need to be brushed in between professional grooming visits.  This bonds you to your pet even more!  Some pets require a rubber brush; others, a slicker and dematter.  Even if you have a Pug, you want to pull out its dead coat to prevent you from having to wash those 400+ thread-counts.

Some tips on making the brushing process easier:

  1. Talk to your Barkley Salon Professional.  We are available for a complimentary one-on-one brushing and grooming how to consultations. Calling us at (818) 889-2275 to setup an appointment for your complimentary consultation is highly recommended. We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction to get the proper tools for your fur-baby. The Barkley retail area carries a selection of  100% Pure Bamboo Hair Brush “Bass” brand brushes and combs.
  2. Brush your pet in the direction of the grain of the coat.  The only exception is when you’re using a rubber brush on a short/smooth coated dog, in which case you can go against the grain of the coat to lift and remove the dead coat.
  3. If your pet is fussy about brushing, start at the rear of the pet (they tend to be fussier around their front legs and around their head) and work slowly towards the front of the animal.  Keep reassuring them in a calm voice, and massage them in their favorite spots while you brush them with your other hand.
  4. When working on the face, be careful not to bring the brush too close to their eyes (use a comb around the eyes and the muzzle.)
  5. Keep treats handy and make sure to reward your pet for a job well done!  Hint:  don’t bring out the treats before you start brushing, so that they don’t get antsy and focus on the yummy reward.

Follow these steps and you’ll be thankful for less fur on the furniture, and, most importantly, a happy pet! Call us for your  complimentary consultation or to make an grooming appointment today! (818)889-2275.

-Gina Newman,The Barkley Salon & Spa Manager