How Often Should You Bathe Your Pet?

by Gina Newman, Salon Manager

Professional Groomers are often asked how often a pet should be bathed. This question has many answers depending on numerous factors, such as species, breed, condition of the skin, condition of the coat, the pet’s tolerance to grooming (usually due to age or health), and many other factors. However, there are some rules of thumb that can help an owner decide the frequency of bathing their furry friend to optimize a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Unless recommended by a veterinarian, you should not have your dog washed more often than once a week as this may dry out their skin. It is important to use high-quality shampoo and conditioners that will nurture their skin and coat, focusing on products that are made particularly for that species. That includes avoiding using human products on a dog, as our skin acidity is different.  Keeping your dog clean and his coat in good condition can help your dog stay healthy, as the coat protects their skin, keeping their core temperature regulated. The coat is also a great defense against ultraviolet rays, heat, cold, humidity, and other external agents, such as bacteria and mosquitoes.

For our feline friends, the most important thing to remember is that cats are highly sensitive to certain chemicals and essential oils, so make sure to only wash a cat with products that are labeled as safe to use for cats (there are many products safe for both dogs and cats). Make sure to read the label, and if the product does not specifically say that it is safe to use on cats, do not use it. Also, remember that cats are typically not fond of getting wet, so be prepared to hold on!

Keeping your pet clean will help keep your pet healthy, so please talk to your Groomer about any questions you may have specific to your pet.  We are here to help your pet look, smell, and feel like a star! Call us (818) 889-2275.

About Gina


Gina has been the Salon Manager for The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa since 2011, and considers every pet client who walks through the door a part of her personal family.

Gina Newman began working with animals from a young age, with a focus on grooming dogs and cats for the better part of ten years.  She is a graduate of Nash Academy of Animal Arts, where she studied professional grooming under Joey Villani, “The Dogfather”, a judge for the International Judges Association for Dog Grooming.  Gina opened and operated The Ruffined Canine, a dog salon and spa in Jersey City, New Jersey, and was also  an instructor for Nash Academy.  Although Gina has worked with a wide variety of dog and cat breeds, her specialization is with Poodles and Terriers.

Gina has studied Therapeutic Grooming under certified pet medical aesthetician, Michelle Knowles. Gina uses special therapeutic techniques and an exclusive line of fine Italian pet spa products that helps pets with skin and coat issues. Call The Barkley to setup a private consultation with Gina to discuss therapeutic grooming options, (818) 889-2275.