Therapeutic Grooming: How Winston Got His Coat Back

What is Therapeutic Grooming?

Therapeutic Grooming uses special therapeutic techniques and an exclusive line of fine Italian pet spa products with high quality natural ingredients that helps pets with skin and coat issues. Gina Newman, Salon and Spa Manager at The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa, has studied Therapeutic Grooming under certified pet medical aesthetician, Michelle Knowles. If your pet suffers from fur loss or a lackluster coat, call The Barkley to setup a private consultation with Gina to discuss therapeutic grooming options and treatment plans, (818) 889-2275.

Gina Newman, Salon & Spa Manager

Gina Newman, Salon & Spa Manager

How Winston Got His Coat Back using Therapeutic Grooming?


Winston is a 15 year young beautiful Pomeranian who has been coming to The Barkley Day Spa since we opened in 2010. When Winston comes through our doors, he greets all the Front Desk Staff with his sweet demeanor and kisses for everyone!

A few years ago, Winston began to lose his lustrous coat. His owners Esta and Mark had little success with different treatments outside of The Barkley to restore his coat. Gina, The Barkley Salon Manager, had just taken courses on Therapeutic Grooming with the grooming industry’s premiere and certified pet medical aesthetician, Michelle Knowles. With the help of a team of Veterinarians, Michelle has developed therapeutic techniques and an exclusive line of fine Italian pet spa products to help pets with skin and coat issues.

Gina learned key techniques while studying under Michelle and brought the therapeutic pet spa product line into the Salon. As she began to apply these techniques and products to Winston, his coat began to grow back!  Winston now comes to see Gina every two weeks for what Winston’s parents refer to as, the “Magic Potion” – a right combination of premier products which clean Winston’s hair follicles and infuse them with high levels of protein and minerals. Winston’s pet parents have never had a grooming salon take such good care of Winston and are thankful to Gina for helping solve Winston’s coat and skin issues.

We are so happy that Winston has his beautiful coat back too…not only for the aesthetic benefit, but because his coat protects him from the elements and makes him feel so much better. We love Winston, and cannot wait to see his adorable cuteness on his next visit!

Coat and skin issues are typically diagnosed by a Veterinarian first to determine the best treatment. VCA Westlake Village Animal Hospital offers advanced diagnostic and treatment options for skin disorders and allergies. If an issue is diagnosed, The Barkley’s expert groomers work closely with their team of doctors to treat your pet. Call the animal hospital at (805) 497-4900 to schedule an appointment.